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If the country you were after was the United States, the first thing you'd do is kill some white men. That would probable provoke some white men to retaliate against Negroes, which would probably provoke some Negroes to retaliate.
The author begins this chapter by relating the tale of several stabbings that took place in Harlem. "Right-wing extremism" was blamed, along with an "atmosphere of hate." The criminals were eventually caught, and they turned out to be members of a Black gang, calling themselves the Blood Brothers.

They were trained in karate and judo, and "believe[d] in killing and murdering." An offshoot, the Black Mollyzuls, "believe[d] in violence and killing white [people]."

The author describes how the plan for "national liberation" under the Communists always begins with the killing of the "colonialists," ie. members of the "oppressing nation" that the nation to be liberated finds themselves in. The next step is to start killing members of the nation that is to be liberated, and force them to join your movement. He points out that these steps were reliably followed in the Congo, Quebec, Algeria, and New York. It was followed by the Viet Cong in Vietnam.

In Algeria, the Communists claimed their revolt was over the Koran, and against infidels. They slit the throats of any Muslims who disagreed.

In New York, the "Black Muslims and black nationalists refer to white businessmen as 'colonialists.'"

Throughout this chapter, the author interlaces news reports and quotations from other Communist "national liberation" movements, showing that the same things were happening.

In America, the Black Muslims deny any knowledge of, or association with, the Blood Brothers. However, a detective in one of the New York murders says "that it was the knowledge of the youths' link with the Muslims that had led to their speedy arrests."

We next learn about a group called the Fruit of Islam, "the security arm of the Black Muslim organization." They are the ones teaching the youth to fight, and they are used to enforce obedience among Black Muslim members. Their training manual states that "All traitors, who betray their brothers or sisters be murdered without mercy."

From Malcolm X, we learn that the Black Muslims have "ministers working inside every prison in the country." This is where they get many of their members, including Malcolm himself while he was in prison for armed robbery. In Algeria, Ben Bella was likewise in prison for armed robbery when the Communists came to power, released him, and put him in a leadership position.

At this point, the author points out the Nation of Islam, associated with the Black Muslims, proclaim it their duty to "murder the devil," meaning White people. Under Jomo Kenyatta, the Mau Mau in Africa had the stated purpose "Particularly to kill Europeans," but more generally "to kill, no matter who is to be the victim, even one's father or brother."

The author points out that "In a so-called war of national liberation, among the first things needed are a test and a reward for the new recruits." The Nation of Islam, for instance, required members to kill or seriously main a white person before they could use the letter X as their surname. The Algerian Communists required new recruits to "murder at least a colonialist or a known traitor" before they could serve in the Army.

We are also reminded that discipline is required, and we read of the loyalty oaths of the Mau Mau, which mandated death for all infractions, as well as death for infractions among members of The Nation of Islam, including missing meetings.

Another necessary step in the fight for "national liberation," we learn next, is to complain about police brutality, as justification for one's actions. Algerian documents show that Communist group stating that, if caught, they "will never hesitate to accuse the police of torture and brutalities." The Blood Brothers openly claimed that "the main reason the gang started was to protect ourselves in a group against police brutality." The Congress of Racial Equality spoke of "an orgy of blood, violence and sadism" by the police they supposedly witnessed.

In New York, Police Commissioner Michael J. Murphy "reported that 'during–and before–the opening of the World's Fair, prearranged protests of brutality were heard even before there had been any encounters between police and demonstrators.'"
It is interesting to note that even in the 1960's they were already blaming everything on "right-wing extremism," as they have been doing in recent times. Likewise for complaints about "police brutality," which we have seen in recent years with the Trayvon Martin case, and many others, as well as calls by the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter, for defunding of the police.

While police do have their faults, at times, the most publicized stories are often fabricated or prearranged. For instance, major news outlets covered an incident on the UC Davis campus, where an officer was filmed pepper-spraying a crowd of students, who were there as part os the Occupy Wall Street movement. Luckily, another bystander also filmed the incident and made their video available online, showing that that the students had deliberately encircled a group of campus police officers, were accosting them, and would not let them leave. The incident had been planned, including the very limited camera angle of the original video used in news reports, which deliberately removed context in order to make the story inflammatory.[1][2] Disgustingly, UC Davis paid out $30,000 to each of 21 protesters who sued the college over the incident.[3]

The Mormon Angle

The discussion of blood oaths should come as no surprise to Latter-day Saints, as this has been a part of Satan's pattern since Cain. Similar oaths are described as being used among the wicked Jaredites (Ether 8:14), the Gadiantons (Helaman 6:21-22), and, of course, the antediluvians, ie., those who lived before the flood (Moses 5:50, for example).


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