It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights
Chapter 6

The Making of the Revolution


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As Lenin has said, a terrible clash between Soviet Russia and the capitalist States must inevitably occur… The ruling classes must be in the throes of a major government crisis, so that the government is so enfeebled the revolutionists can speedily overthrow it. (Stalin)
At some point, we learn, Malcolm X spits from the Black Muslims, travels to Mecca, and suddenly learns that all races are equal under Islam. He calls for younger whites to "turn for spiritual salvation to the religion of Islam and force the older generation of American whites to turn with them."

So that we don't think this is actually a religious movement suddenly, Malcolm X holds a press conference, where he states that "Outside the UN, we have friends–700,000,000 Chinese who are ready to die for human rights." He also mentions having tea with the Chinese ambassador in Africa, who "very politely reminded that Mao Tse-tung was the first head of state to declare the open support of his government and its 800,000,000 people behind the Afro-American struggle."

Fidel Castro, while visiting Harlem, held a secret two-hour conference with Malcolm X.

A "conference of seventy-five Negro students in Nashville… called for unity with the African, Asian, and Latin-American revolution… 'Plans' include the 'elimination of capitalism in this country and the world and support for revolutionary black internationalism.'"

Next, we learn of another group, called RAM (Revolutionary Action Movement), which "calls for the use of 'three basic principal powers' held by Negroes:
  1. The power to stop the machinery of government.
  2. The power to hurt the economy.
  3. The power of unleashing violence."

This group sent letters to the Viet Cong, congratulating them on defeating American forces.

One "underground leader" declared that they can damage major dams, disrupt communications, pour gasoline into sewers and light it, and cause chaos; that he believed that not all Whites would fight, but that all Blacks would; and that 

"We call the whites "cream puffs." We feel that when TV stops, when the telephone no longer rings, their world will almost come to an end. Like during a major air raid, they will stay in the house. They'll sit and wait for the television to come back on."

Another man by the name of Robert F. Williams, a Communist associated with the NAACP, was publishing a newsletter in Havana (Cuba), in which he declared that "massive violence" was coming to America, wherein they would bring transportation to a standstill, sever and blow up pipelines, and that Black G.I.'s in the military would suddenly turn on their fellow soldiers, alongside "local revolutionaries." He discusses ways to kill policemen and other "domestic enemies," including using flamethrowers.

He declares that Blacks will "prove ourselves willing and ready to meet the violence and terror of oppression with the violence and terror of liberation."
It is laughable to think of Malcolm X claiming that the Chinese Communists are concerned with "human rights," considering their torture, imprisonment, and persecution of the Falun Gong sect, the Uighur Muslims, Christians in general, Buddhists, and many other violations.

We are again reminded in this chapter of recent events concerning the Black Lives Matter group. Many wondered why, if their concern was for Black people, they would loot and burn down Black businesses. The answer, of course, is that the true motivation has nothing to do with race. It is a Communist movement, attempting to "stop the machinery of government," hurt the economy," and "unleash violence." We are told in the text, by one of the leaders in a Black revolutionary group, that "Black youth with the right orientation can stop this entire country."

The comment about White people sitting and waiting for the television to come back on while a revolution is occurring is, unfortunately, true of most Americans. This is, of course, the intended purpose of the "bread and circuses" being provided by the United States government and the entertainment industry: to make people fat, stupid, and distracted.
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