Everything You Know Is Wrong

Because you've been deliberately miseducated.

Politics, history, religion. Even things you never suspected, like science. Yes, even science. Every day, you make decisions based on lies. And powerful schemers are taking advantage of that ignorance.

But There's Good News

Authors and whistleblowers have been trying to tell the truth for centuries.

Scientists and researchers with unpopular discoveries. People who were personally present to witness momentous events that have been whitewashed. People who could no longer stay quiet about the truth.

There's Just One Problem

Ain't nobody got time to read 200+ years of books.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of pages that should be required reading for everyone. But that would be impossible. Consider, as well, that many of these people were either killed for what they knew, or died trying to tell others about it. We owe them something.

We Have A Solution

We read the books and give you the facts.

And that's not all. We also provide analyses, bibliographies, author bios, videos, a research-friendly tagging system, a bookmarking feature, purchase/download links, and more!

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