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Year Published: 1989
383 pages
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From the cover:

For America's 25 million gays and 225 million straights, the next sexual revolution begins AFTER THE BALL.

  • What do straights really think of gays, and how do they (mis)treat them? Why do some gays invite trouble?
  • When does "homohatred" first develop in children, and how can it be conquered in adults?
  • What are the eight key principles for persuading straights? Is mass propaganda the best option? Would it work even in the AIDS era?
  • Why does the potentially powerful gay community remain badly divided, disorganized, and under-funded? How can gays get their act together?
  • How does current gay culture actually encourage misbehavior that hurts gays and incites bigotry? How can that culture promote deeper values and a more fulfilling gay lifestyle, while strengthening gay pride?

A penetrating critique of straight and gay life today–and a blueprint for change in America that is both shocking and realistic.
The prevalence of homosexuality in our current society was no accident. It came about through carefully planned and orchestrated actions–including propaganda and attacks both direct and indirect–as laid out in this book. Readers will find themselves nodding in recognition–shocked but not surprised.

One of the first things that stands out to me is the use, by the publisher, of the term "gay liberation movement" as a category for this book. The reader would do well to read the Illuminote for It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights in order to understand the significance of this term, especially Chapter 2: The War of National Liberation. In short, it has been a Communist tactic, for more than 100 years, to convince a group of people that they are "oppressed" by the dominant culture, and then use the ensuing struggle to take control and direct it towards Communist purposes.
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