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On the basis of all the… evidence we have seen, I charge that America's "race problem" and the "civil rights movement" supposed to end it, have both been planned… and… conducted by the Communists.
The author begins this final chapter by stating that his book will probably be met with a profound silence, and that eventually it will be labeled "fascist" and the author deemed crazy. That the whole book is filled with "circumstantial evidence."

He states that some people will not be happy until they see a person's official Communist Party ID card. He responds:

The only thing wrong with this… is that we are dealing here with a conspiracy, and the Communist party, though very important, is, as evidenced in the countries the conspiracy has captured, only one small part of it. So the point is that to accuse the overwhelming majority of members of the conspiracy of also belonging to the Communist party really would be a wild charge–simply because they really don't belong to the party.

He goes on to explain that circumstantial evidence isn't a problem itself, you just need the right kind of circumstantial evidence. After all that he has shared in the book, he asks not what is possible, but what is probable. "We are asking what explanation most reasonably satisfies these political facts in this historical context."

The author next asks why secrecy is so important to the Communist conspiracy.

Premier Castro explained in his speech today that he had hidden his belief in communism from the Cuban people and from his American friends for years because… if it were known then that the men who led the guerrilla fighting had radical ideas, all those who are making war against us now would have started it right then.

They can't have people discovering that it "isn't a 'workers' ' movement, or a 'people's' movement, or a 'mass' movement at all."

The author describes his concerns about what the coming years would bring, particularly pertaining to escalating violence.

He then reminds us of the violence that Communists have wrought in other countries: women forced to watch as their husbands and sons are hacked to bits, people burned alive.

He reminds us that the Jews at least had places they could escape to, like America, but that there is nowhere to escape to from America.

But if we expose the tactics of Communism, we can strengthen the American people against their ideas and "psychological pressures."

He makes clear his charge that, despite the involvement of some idealistic and good people, "the 'civil rights movement' is for the most part a Communist operation under the cloak of which the Communists hope to capture this country," as are most of the race problems it is supposed to solve.

I accuse the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of knowing all this, and yet of deliberately doing everything he can to bring all of it about to such an extent that whether he is or not in actuality a member of the Communist conspiracy can only be of interest to his psychiatrist…

I accuse President Kennedy and President Johnson of knowing this but nevertheless not only closing their eyes to it, but lending a hand… [and] of having betrayed their oaths of office.

In closing, he states that newspaper editors are also at fault, for not doing their jobs, but that, above all, "[t]he buck stops with you." The future of our country depends on what the reader does with the information he now possesses.
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