It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights
Chapter 1

The National Question


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How will we bring the masses of a nation into the communist program? We have fashioned a number of organizations without which we could not wage war on capitalism: trade unions, cooperatives, workshop committees, labor parties, women's associations, a labor press, educational leagues, youth societies. As often as not, these are non-party organizations… (Stalin)
In 1913, Lenin assigned Stalin to come up with a position on minorities. He determined that they are "nations within nations" and therefore have a "right to complete secession"–which they referred to as "self-determination"–which the Communists could agitate for or against, according to their own interests. Russia was the first country they used this tactic in, in 1917.

Lenin specified that "social revolution cannot come about" without "civil war… combined with a whole series of democratic and revolutionary movements…" The author points out that Marx and Lenin both wanted "to produce one socialist world," via "internationalism"–to merge the nations. Of necessity, this first required the "complete liberation of all oppressed nations."

This, then, first required the promotion of nationalist movements. "Communists would support such movements, but at the same time they would seek to obtain control over them" so they could more easily be used to unify that nation with global socialism.

"Victory will come," the author says in his closing statement, "when the Communists–under cloak of the national liberation movement–take control of the government."
In our day, "internationalism" is known more commonly as "globalism," but they are identical–the merging of all nations into a New World Order.

The necessary agitation has been ongoing in the United States for a long time among Native American tribes, even under the exact same terminology: "self-determination" of a "nation within a nation." Few have any idea that this is a Communist tactic being used to further their own destruction. There will be no tribes under global socialism, no more determining their own path.

We have recently seen the controlled news media begin to openly discuss secession of states as a reasonable consideration, after having openly opposed and mocked the idea for decades. This, again, fits the described tactic of only supporting such movements when they serve the agenda, which is nothing short of "divide and conquer."

In his opening notes, the author points out that this book is not just about "civil rights," but about a familiar process that was being used–indeed, is still being used–under the name of "civil rights." His desire is that we learn to recognize the patterns associated with this process. When we do, we will begin to see that we are in the late stages of this process in every nation around the world.
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